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Best Quality Cast Shoe (Rocker Sole) Affordable Price – C-08, Size XL

When a patient is in a foot cast, a Cast Shoe (Rocker sole) takes over the functions of a regular shoe. Prevents the cast from wearing out too quickly and lessens the impact on the broken leg. It maintains a high level of hygiene and enhances the patient's stride while wearing a foot cast. The design makes it simple to put on and take off.

Tynor C08 – Medium, Rocker Sole Cast Shoe

Tynor Cast Shoe ( Rocker sole) replaces the functions of the normal shoe when the patient is on a foot cast. Prevents excessive wear and tear of the cast and reduces the impact on the injured leg. It ensures a high degree of hygiene and improves the gait of the patient on foot cast. The design ensures easy wearing and removal.